Information Operations Situational Training Exercise (IO-STX)

SCOPE:  The exercise covers the first three steps of MDMP and is designed to exercise students working in small groups of 2
to 8.  It is designed to exercise IO planning skills the students are expected to already have - as refresher training or to
sharpen skills for deploying FSTs.  The exercise builds off the IOCAP/AIOPC course training.  Students are expected to walk-
in ready to begin following a short introduction to the training.  Mentors are there to assist students through the exercise
and will provide remedial training as required to keep students moving forward.

DURATION:  20 hours (conducted in two ten hour days)



CAPACITY:  Min 8; Max 18

PREREQUISITES:  The IO-STX is open to all members of DoD and supporting contractors who meet these prerequisites:

a.  Uniformed military personnel in grade E-6 or above, DoD civilians GS/GG-9 or above, and contractors in support of DoD.

b.  U.S. Citizen.

c.  Applicants must currently or projected to perform or assist with IO planning.

d.  Applicants must have completed service-related IO training to attend this course.  The following training suffices for this
requirement:  AIOPC/IOCAP, IOFC, IOQC, TIOPC JIOPC, IOIC (Air Force Training), or IMIOPC (Marine CORPS).  Computer
Based Training (CBT)- such as IO 101 - does not suffice.