Chinese Information Warfare Seminar (CIWS)

SCOPE:  This seminar is designed to give IO planners an opportunity to examine China's unique information warfare (IW)
goals, capabilities, and exploits.  In order to inform future planning efforts, it covers the evolution of Chinese IW and
Chinese IW focus areas, then has students apply this knowledge in multiple facilitated discussions, and by simulating
Chinese IW employment in a mock South China Sea scenario.

DURATION:  3 days

FORMATS:  VTT open enrollment only - this means that unit requested VTTs are not available.  Individuals must register for
OPEN ENROLLMENT IWS VTTs, from the IO Training schedule, through the RESIDENT / VTT OPEN ENROLLMENT process shown
in the instructions at the bottom of the page.


CAPACITY:  Min 6; Max 18

PREREQUISITES:  The CIWS is open to all members of DoD and supporting contractors who meet these prerequisites:

a.  Uniformed military personnel in grade E-6 or above, DoD civilians GS/GG-9 or above, and contractors in support of DoD.

b.  U.S. Citizen.

c.  Applicants must be currently or projected to perform or assist with IO planning.

d.  Applicants must have completed service-related IO training to attend this course.  The following training suffices for this
requirement:  AIOPC/IOCAP, IOFC, IOQC, TIOP, JIOPC, IOIC (Air Force Training), MOPC or SOPC (Marine CORPS), IO 101
CBT, Intro to IO, NIOPC.