Information Operations Integration Course - CyberSpace Operations (IIC-CO)

SCOPE:  Students are introduced to CyberSpace Operations (CO) concepts, fundamentals, doctrine, and policies within the
Department of Defense (DoD) with a focus on the evaluation of CO integration with the other information-related
capabilities (IRCs) ISO Army Information Operations.  IIC-CO topics build on one another as the course progresses.  Topics
include CO doctrine and policy frameworks; Cyberspace as an Operational Domain; Cyber Threat; Integrating CO in support
of Army operations; Planning CO; Intelligence Support; Cyberspace Infrastructure and Key Terrain; and Joint Targeting.  The
course culminates with students demonstrating what they have learned by evaluating the integration of CO in a scenario-
based Army mission planning exercise focused at the Division level.

DURATION:  40 hours (1 week)

FORMATS:  Resident, MTT, or VTT if travel conditions prevent an MTT


CAPACITY:  Min 12; Max 36 (Resident), 20 (MTT)

PREREQUISITES:  The IIC-CO is open to all members of DoD and supporting contactors who meet these prerequisites:

a.  Uniformed military personnel in grade E-6 or above, DoD civilians GS/GG-9 or above, and contractors in support of DoD.

b.  U.S. Citizen.

c.  Current U.S. SECRET clearance

d.  Applicants must be currently or projected to perform or assist with IO planning.

e.  Applicants must have completed service-related IO training to attend this course.  The following training suffices for this
requirement:  AIOPC/IOCAP, IOFC, IOQC, TIOPC, JIOPC, IOIC (Air Force Training), MOPC or SOPC (Marine CORPS), IO 101
CBT, Intro to IO, NIOPC.