Army Information Operations Planners' Course (AIOPC)

SCOPE:  The Army Information Operations Planners' Course (AIOPC) curriculum specifically details the capability and
application of Army Information operations; the role of the IO Planner; Integration of Information Related Capabilities (IRC)
into the Military Decision Making Process (focus on mission analysis and course of action development); the IO Planner's
participation in other staff processes such as Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield, Targeting, and Assessment; and the
importance of cultural/social considerations in information operations.  Using a scenario-based exercise, Soldiers learn to
plan, integrate, synchronize, coordinate and assess IO to support an approved course of action, line of effort, or named
operation.  They employ various IO tools to capture and brief the results of their planning and analysis, such as the
Combined Information Overlay (CIO), IO Synch Matrix and a Scheme of IO (Sketch and Statement).  AIOPC emphasizes IRC
integration, synchronization and coordination to shape the information environment in support of military operations.  The
training is entirely classroom based and uses lecture, discussion, problem-based or experimential learning-based facilitation,
performance-based PEs, and a comprehensive capstone PE.  Graduates are eligible for the P4 Additional Skill Identifier.
AIOPC is recommended for IO Planners, Intelligence specialists in support of IO, or IRC representatives in support of IO.

DURATION:  80 hours (2 weeks)

FORMATS:  Resident and MTT


CAPACITY:  Min 12; Max 48 (Resident); for an MTT Max in week 1 is 48, Max in week 2 is 18 - due to computer limitations,
If 48 attend week 1, the 30 that don't attend week 2 (limited to 18) get a credit and can return for only week 2 within one
year to get the full AIOPC credit and the ASI.

PREREQUISITES:  The AIOPC is open to all members of DoD and supporting contractors who meet these prerequisites:

a.  Uniformed military personnel in grade E-6 or above, DoD civilians GS/GG-9 or above, and contractors in support of DoD.

b.  Unit/organization leadership has determined the applicant has a requirement for a working knowledge of IO.

c.  U.S. Citizen.

d.  Clearance:  For the resident course all applicants must hold a current U.S. SECRET clearance.