Army Deception Planners' Course (ADPC)

SCOPE:  The Army Deception Planners' Course (ADPC) prepares students to plan, coordinate, and monitor the execution of
DoD Deception Activities at any command and echelon level.  Instruction is a combination of formal lecture and practical
exercises using a realistic training scenario.  During this course, students are given a grounding in deceptive terms and
principles, legal and policy guidelines, and planning methodologies in parallel to MDMP.  Students also gain insight into time-
proven tactics, techniques, and procedures.  The course is taught on behalf of the Army MILDEC proponent, the US Army
Combined Arms Center (CAC).  The 1st IOL Command will instruct this course through FY24.

DURATION:  80 hours (2 weeks)

FORMATS:  Resident only


CAPACITY:  Min 12; Max 32

Registration Priority:  Registration priority is given to those in a slot on the Director, IOP, approved list of deception planner
positions.  All other applicants will be registered on standby until a week out from the course start date.  At that time, those
on standby will be given any remaining seats on a first come first served basis.


a.  Uniformed military personnel in grade E-6, W1, O3 or above, DoD civilians GS/GG-11 or above, and contractors in 
support of DoD.

b.  U.S. Citizen.

c.  Current U.S. SECRET clearance

d.  This course is designed to be an advance study in deception activities and is not intended to serve as an introduction to
basic deception concepts or fundamentals military strategy.  Students should generally have approximately 5 years of
military/DoD experience and have prior knowledge of MDMP and Army Operations.

e.  For registration priority, applicants must be in a slot on the Director, IOP, approved list of deception planner positions.
Others, to qualify for standby status, must be assigned to or be programmed to support or perform deception-related