Information Operations Integration Course - Electromagnetic Warfare (IIC-EW)

SCOPE:  Students are introduced to EW concepts, fundamentals, doctrine and capabilities within the Department of Defense
(DoD) with a focus on EW's integration with the other information-related capabilities (IRCs) ISO Information Operations (IO)
for overall mission planning.  IIC-EW topics build on one another as the course progresses.  In addition to an Information Operations/IRC
focus.  EW topics also educate students to integrate EW into IO by understanding current and emerging EW doctrine; the Electromagnetic
Spectrum (EMS); radio frequency propagation; EW systems and capabilities; EMS management; EW emerging technologies; and planning
and employment of EW in support of Information Operations.  The course culminates with students demonstrating what they have learned by
integrating  EW into IO using the MDMP.

DURATION:  40 hours (1 week)

FORMATS:  Resident, MTT, or VTT if travel conditions prevent an MTT


CAPACITY:  Min 12; Max 36

PREREQUISITES:  The ICC-EW is open to all members of DoD and supporting contractors who meet these prerequisites:

a.  Uniformed military personnel in grade E-6 or above, DoD civilians GS/GG-9 or above, and contractors in support of DoD.

b.  U.S. Citizen.

c.  Clearance:  Current U.S. SECRET clearance.

d.  Applicants must be currently or projected to perform or assist with IO planning. 

e.  Applicants must have completed service-related IO training to attend this course.  The following training suffices for this requirement: 
AIOPC/IOCAP, IOFC, IOQC, TIOPC, JIOPC, IOIC (Air Force training), MOPC or SOPC (Marine Corps), IO 101 CBT, Intro to IO, NIOPC.